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How to Get to Bozcaada

With numerous churches that are tall you would think it would be easy to receive a view of the city but sadly, not one of the churches allow you to visit with the top of these towers.

Shopping until you Drop

No trip to Mostar would be complete without seeing with Stari Most and watching jump. Stari Most was completed in 1566 and stood for more than four decades, more than living up to the English translation of its title, Old Bridge. In fact, Stari Most is so connected with Mostar’s history that the city takes its title from the bridge, even as Mostar translates into”bridge keepers”.


Your favorite travel movie?

Our fall is full of revisiting U.S. destinations that people love–Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, San Francisco and New Orleans–and a work trip into a new-to-me province in Canada along with a genuine vacation to Bermuda for the mom’s 70th birthday.

Chiang Rai White Temple

David’s Been Here is in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, displaying the 19th annual International Folklore Festival. Bringing together history and culture from nations all around the globe, this colorful, eclectic festival is an experience unlike any other.

Watch what you eat

With that said, Madrid is a foodie’s paradise! For every traditional restaurant, there are dozens more serving up inventive modern fusion foods made with fresh ingredients and Spain is known for. Here is my list of must visit restaurants in Madrid.

How to Get to Bozcaada

For centuries the Delphi was an important spiritual center of the ancient world. By the eighth century B.C., it had become a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. The next two hundred years saw Delphi’s expansion with the help of funds given by wealthy Greeks for the construction of temples, votives, and statues.