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The name Ggantija stems from the Maltese word for giant. Ancient legends about a race of giants that lived in Gozo were a way of explaining the presence of the temples. Together, both temples cover a total are of 10,000 square feet (3,048 square meters). They share a boundary wall and each is constructed out of massive limestone slabs, with some weighing more than 50 tons!

Marvel at the Grand Palace

 Baby giraffe trying to camouflage itself from our group


Horizont Restaurant, Varna

David’s Been Here tours the different lakeside destinations around Atitlan, beginning with a tuk tuk ride out to a local coffee plantation. Here David learns the processes of fertilizing the plants, which move from raw beans into worm castings, which are then used to fertilize the new coffee plants. Home to other high quality products, this FEDEPMA plantation is a wonderful place to pick up some locally produced goods. Back into the central part of San Pedro, David tours the local markets and immaculately clean church grounds before taking off to another village. Wrapping up in the village of San Juan, David learns all about the dying and weaving techniques of the local textile factories. To learn more about visiting these fascinating, cultural areas on Lake Atitlan, check out the DBH Guide to Guatemala, also available for your Kindle.

1. Valença, Portugal

The oysters served here may be smaller than colder-water oysters but they more than make up for it! With a splash of lime, then these succulent morsels are absolute perfection. And at only $5 USD for a week, they’re the perfect snack for travelers on a budget!


Taste and Walking Tour

The fortress has the shape of an irregular triangle and covers an area of 10.5 hectares. Due to its shape, the fortress divides the city of Smedero into two parts, the Small Town and the Big Town. The Small Town housed the ruler’s court and is surrounded by six towers, while the Big Town hosts the Archbishop’s residence and a residential area, and is surrounded by nineteen towers.


Feast on Malta’s Seafood in Marsaxlokk

Major Costs incurred during your Everest Base Camp trek are:

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 Our view at La Laanta Hideaway, southern coast of Koh Lanta Island

Over 6,000 Years of History

David’s Been Here is touring the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose. When visiting any new country, a trip to the downtown area of its capital is always a must. San Jose became the capital of Costa Rica in 1848 after an earthquake destroyed the previous capital. Though not the safest place in the country (especially after 4pm), a trip downtown is well worth the visit. Keep your wits about you when traveling, but still enjoy the sites, local shops and other interesting parts of the city. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse

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When I travel, I love hearing stories from wine and beer makers, especially how they began their journey into this type of lifestyle (it may or may not be a secret wish of mine to quit my travel career and start my own winery in Tuscany).

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Start in Haifa in the north and Eilat in the south for art, sports, science, history, and religious activities. No one gets bored in Israel.*

Ringstrasse (the Vienna Ring Road)

Here, you can spot crocs, hippos and birds without having to move a muscle. All eight luxurious guest chalets are private and superbly decorated. Who said you have to rough it in the bush?

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I recommend the bhature, which will be a large puri with chickpea curry. At only 3o rupees/$0.72 U.S., it’s a cheap snack that is also very tasty and very filling! There’s also a delightful puri sabzi, that comes with four puris plus a greasy and wealthy pea curry with potatoes.