Guatemala’s Landscape: Lakes and Volcanoes

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One of the greatest things is driving a couple of hours to Manas National Park. On your way to or in the park, I highly recommend stopping by Prince Dhaba & Family Restaurant in Barama’s town.


See Cave Dwellings

The monastery was founded back in the 10th century and is both a key historic and architectural site as well as an important tourist location. There are around 60 monks there today and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ornate interior of the building and stunning exterior make it a must-see spot when visiting the area.

4. Baiona

Andorra’s independence from the E.U. allows it to be a tax haven. There is no income tax in Andorra and like moths to a flame, tourists are attracted to the luxury items for sale in Andorra’s exclusive boutiques and outlet stores. There is a sports equipment store and designer label retailer on practically every block.

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Finikoudes Beach is a 1,640-foot-long sandy strip of coastline dotted with beach umbrellas and sunburned tourists. The water is shallow and relatively warm throughout the year, plus there are lifeguards on duty and bathroom facilities, all of which make Finikoudes Beach ideal for water sports enthusiasts and families with young children. Walk or jog along Finikoudes Promenade for unobstructed water views and fantastic people watching. At night, the area’s restaurants and bars come alive with activity.

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As Daniel and I wrapped up our tour of Yu Gardens, he gave me an opportunity to have my fortune told using Chinese fortune sticks. Comprising a great deal of sticks shakes a container before a person comes out. If two emerge, it signifies the gods are laughing at you. Stick is a few. It advised me to be right truthful, and true when I triumph in life. It!


Staria Chinar, Varna

I continued my Surinamese breakfast in Paramaribo with the chicken liver. It was compact and full! The bread made it super satisfying. I got a few hot, black coffee between bites and then tried a few of the pork alone. It appeared to have some influences and had been sweet. It had been hard to eat with the bread, although the beef was darker and more chewy than the liver.