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I based my week in Extremadura in Caceres and Merida, which resulted in one of my favorite road trips ever. Each town has something to offer, including historical sites, amazing food and some of the nicest people I’ve encountered. By basing yourself in one of the main cultural cities of the region, you’ll be in prime position to take several great day trips to the best places to visit in Extremadura. A week will allow you to get a great feel for the region, but with all the jamón ibérico and morcilla available, you might want to stretch it to two weeks!

La Massana

Tortuguero could be intimidating to a tourist. To smooth your experience, stay in the Mawamba Lodgeplace where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and always available to help you organize tours and activities.

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Stanushina is a grape exclusively grown in Macedonia and is known to produce high-quality wine with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and other fruity notes. Popova Kula sells a red and rosé version, and is the only producer of Stanushina in the world.

Go See Hundertwasserhaus

Types of travel insurance: Single trip versus multi trip

You will be pleased to discover that there is a broad range of accommodation options for you and your group. Among some most popular Prague hotels are the Hotel Century Old Town, the Hotel General and the Arcadia Old Town Apartments.

When is the best time to visit?

The pork-and-vegetable mandu, that is garlicky and full shouldn’t be missed by fans of dishes. The pork interior is tender and juicy as ever, and a bit of soy sauce makes the flavors pop!

When is the best time to visit?


The warmth from your pork and bamboo take curry is quite potent. The pork is very smoky and tender and contains a whole good deal of fat. Try it with the rice for a flavor combination. As would be the berries, which include a lot of herbs, onions, and chilies, fish and the sea salt chutney chutney are equally hot.