Malawi’s Best Experiences: Staying Inside Liwonde National Park at Mvuu Lodge

Visit Etyeki’s Sparkling Wine City

Traveler’s diarrhea can be contracted anywhere around the world, but is especially common in Asian countries, with the exception of Japan. I contracted a particularly nasty case during my first trip to India in February of 2018, which lasted seven days and prevented me from eating anything for a whole week!

Eat German in Wirtshaus Bayerischer Lowe

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Name your top three destinations (one historic, one gastronomic, and one picturesque)

Situated at the Yangtze River Delta on China’s eastern coast is the Town of Shanghai.This bustling metropolis, which started as a small village more than a million decades back, is now the most populous city on the planet. It is a glitzy and contemporary transportation, shipping, and trading pulse which manages to hold on to its traditional roots. Because of its mix of contemporary and traditional, there are lots of items.

7) The Svalbard Islands

Off to Malta, Cyprus, and Italy soon.  Then there are more Greek islands waiting for me including Hydra, Rhodes, Mykonos and Serifos.


Around Elephant Nature Park

Sorteny National Park is located in the northeast part of the Ordino parish in the Sorteny Valley. It is Andorra’s most significant point of ecological interest and eco-tourism, with all of the activities in the park are oriented around sustainable tourism practices. Located in a metaphoric zone, the area is rich in iron and copper. The hydroelectric system that winds through the valley revolves around the Sorteny River with connections to the rivers La Serrera, La Cebollera, Les Cebes, and L’Estanyo.



And even if you’re not completely mesmerized by the interior, the top-notch service and spectacular cheeseburger (the restaurant’s most popular dish) will do the trick. I have yet to eat a burger like this outside the United States.

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The society responsible for the construction of both temples is often referred to as the ‘temple builders.’ Little is known about these people, other than they most likely came from modern-day Sicily and lived peacefully as hunter-gatherers. Another puzzling fact is that their society somehow disappeared. That is, historians cannot figure out how they vanished from the Maltese islands entirely.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Before I get to the airport, I think about sending post cards to my nearest and dearest but I’m usually pressed for time. I recently was introduced to Postagram. I can use my own photos and send real post cards—from my phone. The app costs nothing, and each printed, posted card costs 99 cents, including postage. People love receiving post cards because it’s such an intimate gesture. Almost no one takes the time, but telling those you love how much you miss them (while sharing your most recent photos) is always a perfect idea. Amazing!

#3 – Find the Best Travel Insurance

The Ribeira Sacra region of Galicia encompasses a sizeable area in the northern Ourense province and southern Lugo province. Spain’s greatest concentration of monasteries, convents and churches is found here, which is why the region’s name signifies Sacred Riverside. But the Ribeira Sacra is a region also known for its secular pleasures – delectable wines. There are nearly 100 bodegas in the region. Using grapes like the Albariño, Godello, Treixadura and Mencía, winemakers craft award-winning blends with robust flavors that are gradually earning praise around the world. The area has several microclimates, but summers are usually hot and sunny, which is a reason why the vineyards produce so well.