Old Town Switzerland: Ascona and Lake Maggiore

The Dark Side of Working Elephants

The Bwindi Forest is home to roughly half the world’s mountain gorillas population and is divided into four zones for tracking gorillas. It’s the oldest in tracking gorillas and is sure to provide you with the most exciting chase ever! Permits will have to be taken beforehand as a maximum of 8 people are allowed to track one gorilla group per day. If you are planning an Uganda Safari, make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.


Loire Valley Castles

Continuing the tour, David takes off to see the archaeological side of El Salvador, where he’ll visit three sites of important Mayan ruins as well as Lake Coatepeque. Check out these sites here, and find out everything you need to know about visiting the ruins and capital city with the DBH Guide: El Salvador- also available for your Kindle.


Enjoy Nature’s Bounty

1. If you’re lucky enough to have friends or family to crash with, do it! Just make sure to be an ideal houseguest. Come with a little gift! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a little way to say, “I appreciate you letting me invade your space.” Another option we love is to pick up groceries and a bottle of wine and cook up a tasty meal for your hosts.  If your cooking is questionable… maybe just stick to the wine. Oh, and don’t forget to leave/send a thank you card at the end of your stay- a simple “thank you” goes a long way.

San Camilo Market

The Drum and Bell Towers lie at the north end of This axis line in the Dongcheng Distict of the city.What makes them remarkable is the fact they’re still standing. The Drum Tower (Gulou) has been built in 1272 under the principle of Kublai Khan. In 1420 the Bell Tower (Zhonglou) was built below the reign of the Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Try Kebabs at Bademiya

Additionally, I tried some shell fish with dragon well teathat were coated in a tasty but slick sauce which made them tough to pick up with chopsticks. After I eventually held on to one, I fell in love they were. Try them!

2. Mkhaya Game Reserve

I had As soon as I traveled to South Korea in May of 2019. I’d discovered that food was still great, and I had even tried some before, including during my visit to Japan earlier in the year. More on this later. However, what I discovered inside this Asian peninsula blew me away.