The Best Waterfall in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: Cascada de Limon

Around Elephant Nature Park

You will be able to face life’s challenges better

Around Elephant Nature Park

Vila Viçosa

Sicily (visiting my dad’s hometown of Ciminna, where I still have a ton of family)

Vila Viçosa

The Best Campsites in Cornwall

Have a Look at Top 15 Things to See and Do in Ahmedabad, India

Gadgets on My Wish List

Traditional Maltese ingredients include: Rabbit, pork, cheese, pasta, olive oil, vegetables, fish, tomatoes, flatbreads.

Sant Sadurni d’Anoia

Throughout the centuries, residents of Ahmedabad have invented complex dances. The accompanying music was originally acoustic (using drums and singing), but people today dance to amplified modern sound systems or blend singing and drums with a live band. On the tenth day of the festival, Dashera (known as Vijayadashami in southern India), people celebrate by dancing and buying new vehicles! A crunchy, salty fried food, fafda, and jalebi, a fried sweet, are consumed on the tenth day.

Sant Sadurni d

Take a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

A travel agent should be able to give you a few destination options. Decide which one looks most interesting and start making plans. Give yourself enough of a head start to ensure that you have enough time to prepare and leave it to the agent to do the majority of the legwork to find suitable destinations to consider.

My Thoughts on the XShot Pro

Shopping: Supermarkets can be found in towns and cities, with the largest ones located in Blantyre and Lilongwe. There are also many crafts markets where tourists can stop and purchase souvenirs. Here is an article we wrote about craft markets: Malawi’s crafts market and advice on how to bargain with the vendors. Most gas station shops sell snacks, sodas and bottled water. The Old Town Mall in Lilongwe and Chichiri Shopping Center in Blantyre are two of the Malawi’s premiere shopping venues.

Rose Festival in Kazanlak

I’m eternally grateful that I grew up in a family who loved travel and really encouraged me to see the world from day one. In college, I studied abroad on Semester at Sea – a program with 500 college students where we took classes on a ship and traveled around the world to 12 different countries in four months. It was incredible – and actually where I started my first blog! From that experience on, I was hooked.

Rose Festival in Kazanlak

My Experience in Mérida

Ok, so I’m going to go with Canada for this one. I spent a month in Edmonton near Banff and Jasper national park, here’s my top tips for the area.

My Experience in Mérida

Accommodation in Lugaris

In recent years the Jade Museum has undergone much-needed lighting renovations, which have greatly improved the experience and allowed guests to better appreciate the luster of each piece. For the $8 entrance fee, visitors are given the opportunity to view extraordinary pieces of jewelry and other handcrafted jade items as well as a display showing how jade is carved.

Talk a Walk On Nguyen Hue Boulevard

Plachuttas is a very impressive and stylish restaurant in Vienna. Highly recommended by locals, the restaurant is famous for its Tafelspitz boiled beef & other classics of Viennese cuisine. It is actually claimed to be the best restaurant if you want to have Tafelspitz in Vienna.

Don Gaiferos (Santiago de Compostela)

I recently traveled to Finland and Latvia, but I would have to brave before I left that I was searching.  I usually travel with a backpack for the notebook and camera equipment. In addition, it’s just easier to maneuver airports around with a small carry-on and a backpack. For more than a decade I’ve been a fan of this Victorinox Swiss Army brand. They are the original creators of this Swiss Army Knife and now they also make durable and stylish travel gear and luggage.