The Fastest and Cheapest Ways of Getting Around NYC

Calligraphy Market (Shu Yuang Meen Street)

The Nthambo Tree Camp is situated in the same Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and offers guests the chance to take part in day and night game drives, Big Five drive safaris and bush walks. Besides the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo, you will get to spot hippos, zebras, giraffes and other fascinating creatures, and also a variety of birds.

Dishes you must try in Meteora

David begins at the Archaeological Museum of Varna, which holds an exquisite collection of artifacts spanning thousands of years. Among all the priceless objects held here is the oldest uncovered golden treasure in the world. David shows us the skeleton of the Thracian man that was found alongside his golden treasure, dating back to 5,000 B.C.



KOKS: Located in the chic four-star Hotel Foroyar overlooking Tórshavn is this innovative restaurant pioneered by Chef Poul Andrias Ziska. Using sustainable and local products, KOKS has revolutionized Nordic cuisine. What you’ll experience is a mix of ancient and modern cooking techniques (smoking, fermenting, curing, and smoking) in an industrial, minimalist setting. Seasonal ingredients and stunning presentation make KOKS a must-try! Don’t pass up the opportunity to have a multi-course tasting menu paired with wines. At $200 per person, this epic meal won’t come cheap, but it is well worth it! Reservations are a must.


Restaurant Castela, Stara Zagora

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Photograph Al Dafna’s Skyscrapers

Jingshan Park is a landscaped garden located across the street . Originally made in the 13th century under the reign of the Yuan Dynasty, Jingshan Park functioned as a private imperial garden for almost 700 decades. In 1928 it was opened to the general public and has been preserved since then.


The Old Town is the perfect place for strolling, especially Samovodskata Charshia (Rakovski St.). During the second half of the 19th century, this was where artisans and farmers from the nearby village of Samovodene came on market days to sell their goods. In the 1980s the city revamped the area in an effort to recreate the atmosphere of the early 20th century. Samovodskata Charshia still contains several restored Revival buildings (the Bulgarian National Revival period was a cultural movement by Bulgarians to regain their identity from the Ottomans).


Ego Pizza and Grill, Veliko Tarnovo

Easily reached from the city of Swansea, Three Cliffs Bay is a pretty little beach found beneath towering clifftops. Down on the beach, the main focal points are the three prominent crags jutting out along the sand, while a hike above the bay takes you to the ruins of the medieval Pennard Castle.

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Most notably, Nis was the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great – the man credited with converting the Roman Empire to Christianity.

Have a Tour of Chinatown

The Isurumuniya Vihara is a monastic complex carved out of solid rock. Built by King Devanampiyatissa, it was used to house 500 ordained Buddhist monks, or issira. Typically, issira were children from noble families in high castes willing to dedicate their lives to the teachings of Buddha and the path to enlightenment. Once they were ordained, they lived apart from the rest of Anuradhapuran society.

Restaurant Domus (A Coruña)

These majestic gates of Arab origin usher visitors into the city’s Jewish Quarter. The Gate of Almodovar was just one of seven entrances to the ancient Corduba Colonia Patricia. The gate itself consists of an arch, superimposed over a box. The wall into which the gate is embedded extends for a few miles in either direction; tourists with some free time might want to go for a walk along these ancient strongholds. It is an excellent way to get just a glimpse of Córdoba’s rich history, and the path is lined with friendly vendors and locals. In a small nearby square visitors will find a statue of Seneca, a Roman philosopher, statesman, and poet who served as Emperor Nero’s personal tutor.

Visit the Monastery of Sveti Naum and Black Drim Springs

I have read a few articles advising travel professionals on how to work with tourism boards. Some travel writers have the idea that if one does not cover their own costs, that person is not really traveling. My response: I completely disagree with this statement. I am working and I have to deliver. I am performing a service, not a favor. If a tourism board has the budget to sponsor a trip, then one would be silly not to take advantage of the opportunity.