Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands


Perhaps the most obvious place to sail to from Athens is Methana, which is located on a dramatic peninsula filled with volcanoes. The mountainous backdrop and the deep blue waters make this a stunning setting for the first few days of your sailing adventure. As with most of this part of the world, Methana is also filled with lots of history and archaeological wonders. If you are interested in finding traces of ancient civilisations then this is a perfect place to get started.

Accommodation in Lugaris

I wanted to create a more relaxed and personal kind of travel video to get to document a fun family vacation. I will still continue to create my regular web series, but will do my best to keep vlogging the behind-the-scenes journey. This is the first of three vlogs from the trip.

Studying in Australia: Is it the Right Thing to Do?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine


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1. Mejillones (Mussels)

You might also locate turtle skulls and skeletons, which might be prohibited to take back to the U.S.. The product there that caught my eye was. It was beautifully produced and cost $110 USD. I did buy a trendy fruit casing which was a turtle, although I wanted to buy it, however, it was too big to carry around and take back home with me!


Where to Eat and Drink

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Calligraphy Market (Shu Yuang Meen Street)

Other menu standouts include their grilled fish, salads, barbecue, and steaks. Between its views and food, Restoran Vodenitsata easily makes our list of the top things to see and eat in Burgas!


Ayutthaya Historical Park

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As is the case in Shillong’s Iewduh Market, you’ll see and smell a wide variety of things as you make your way down the crowded lanes. One of the biggest spectacles can be found in the meat market. There, you’ll watch vendors butcher pork carcasses right at their stalls.

Leventa Winery & Restaurant, Ruse

I am based in Athens and after living here for eight years, I am still discovering new places around the city and country.  Otherwise, I travel much of the year whether it is in Greece or abroad. It just depends on assignments, blog trips and my overall schedule.