What to See and Do in Braga, Portugal

Enjoy Craft Beer and Pub Fare at Purecraft Bar & Kitchen

It is currently housed in the National Museum in Belgrade as part of a remarkable collection curated for the exhibition “Constantine the Great and the Edict of Milan.” The Archaeological Hall of Nis National Museum is not a large space, but there are several fascinating objects to see. The museum is closed Mondays.

Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

Interestingly, the Byzantine church was most likely built in the 5th or 6th century, after the earthquake that led to the decline of many of Petra’s freestanding structures. The church was remodeled twice in the following years until a fire and several earthquakes caused it to be abandoned. The materials used to build the church are believed to have come from other ruined monuments.

El Escorial

Casa Mingo (Paseo de la Florida, 34) is definitely one of our favorite spots in Madrid. No other restaurant in Madrid can transport you directly to Asturias with its flavors. Casa Mingo opened its doors in 1888, and since then has been a popular place to feast on typical Asturian delights. Asturias is an autonomous community on Spain’s northern border, which includes cities such as Oviedo and Aviles, and food native to this region include chorizo (spicy sausage) and morcilla (black sausage).

Arslanagi?bridge — Trebinje

One of my favourite dishes at the Assamese thali has been that the super tender and buttery mutton. This mutton has been awe-inspiring. It came in a curry I couldn’t get enough of! And although the curry contained plenty of spices and masalas, it was hot, heat-wise. I also liked the duck, that was fatty and delicious. It also contained a lot of bones, therefore be careful when eating it, although I adored how tender and juicy it was.

6. White Water Rafting

A lot times in life when most people are going left I am going right. I am not always looking to totally reinvent the wheel, but always looking to be different. It’s hard for people to see you in the marketplace if you blend in with everyone else.


Top 3 Malawi craft markets (in terms of selection and quality):

When browsing at the local crafts market, be aware that the price a shopkeeper tells you is about 30% to 50% more than you can bargain for it. Don’t feel pressured to pay for something if you think you’re being scammed. Also, expect several shopkeepers to be persistent in trying to sell you something. I suggest you tell all of them that you are looking at everything before you commit to making a decision. I never felt unsafe at any time, but it’s always a good idea to be stern and polite when telling someone you are not interested.


1. Go to the Equator

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